Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Really? A Blog? Why??

Good question. I decided to give this a try for the many people who have approached me about surgical service work and volunteerism. Surrounded by generous and curious medical professionals in all fields, and at all levels of training, I figured an attempt at sharing my experiences might help others take this step and find their way into medical service. I have been fortunate to participate in two previous service trips to Vietnam and Bolivia which I intend to document for this blog at a later date. This year I will be going to Mongolia for a teaching project in Choibalsan (see map, look way east near Russian border); Belize for a service project and hopefully Haiti over the holidays to support on-going relief work.

I have always found that volunteerism has the amazing ability to re-focus my energy and remind me why I do what I do. I have learned more than I have taught and gained more that I have given each time I have participated in a medical service trip. My hope is that this blog will serve as a practical guide and offer my limited insight into the amazing possibilities available if you choose to offer your skills in areas of need.

So that, is why a blog. Now about that title . . .

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lorilu2008 said...

Hi Suzanne!!!
I love that youve created this blog,Its AWESOME that you give so much of yourself to so many various good causes.Thanks for sharing your experience,Safe travels, Lori Underwood :-)