Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye Gaby

All of the team members in Choibalsan have left their families and jobs back home to come and serve in Mongolia. Getting two weeks off can be tough - and for Gaby, our surgical resident, it was impossible. She had to leave after one week with us to get back home to every other night call. Sunday after the museum, she left us. That is her, in the ambulance, heading to the airport. In some karmic twist of fate, Gaby's bag was lost when she travelled to Mongolia (it went to France). It then arrived in Mongolia with enough time for her to wear a few outfits and put it back on the plane. News from home is that Gaby's luggage was lost on the way back to the USA as well . . . 

We hope you got your luggage - and we miss you Gaby!!!! Love, Team Choibalsan

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