Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mongolian Surgery Training

Oyuunbold, Gaby, Tuya, Bolortuya, Ganbolor

How are Mongolian surgeons trained? After primary and secondary school, they enter a 6 year medical school program. Beyond that, they have a 1.5 year residency that was recently extended to 2 years . . . Yep, you got it – Not 5 years. 2 years! And these guys are sharp. For the limited resources that they have, these doctors know their stuff and are amazingly technically proficient. I cannot imagine a 2 yr training program. 

Enkhe explained to us that there is a significant generation gap between the senior surgeons and the young surgeons in Mongolia. It is hard for the younger surgeons to find mentors. The doctors we are working with are in their twenties and have only one more senior surgeon. We are trying to teach as best as possible - through translation. All of the surgeons are like sponges. So enthusiastic and eager - sometimes I feel like I don't have enough to teach them. And as expected, I am learning more than I am teaching. 
Ganbolor, Ganbot, Cody, Oyuunbold, Bolortuya

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