Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Friday

When we first arrived in Mongolia, we ran into a few intoxicated citizens and one of our Mongolian translators commented that “those guys have been celebrating Uncle Friday’s Birthday.” A little Mongolian twist on TGIF . . .

2 year old with Inguinal Hernia
Friday was a good day. I started off with an inguinal hernia repair on a two year old. He is a twin, and was the runt of the two. When he came to see us, he had a large hernia, conjunctivitis, and a generous fear of everyone American. No one on our team could get near the kiddo without him bursting into tears. He put up a fight for Dr. Rust and the team of anesthesiologists, but in the end, we won and fixed the hernia without much further drama. My next case was a laparoscopic cholecystectomy that ended up being a bear of a gallbladder buried in layers of fat. It took some time, but we won that battle too.

After Ray gave a few lectures, we reconvened for a photo shoot of epic proportion. With Gaby leaving Sunday, this was our last chance to assemble the complete OR team. Waiting on the surgical ward for the anesthesia team to wake the last patient, our countless cameras created a paparazzi caliber frenzy of flashes. We posed picture after picture and finally got a complete group shot. Mission accomplished, week #1 down, Happy Birthday Uncle Friday!!

The Complete Team

The Surgeons: Enkhe, Ganbolor, Oyuunbold, Suz, Bolortuya, Ray, Gaby, Ganbat

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Doe said...

and many happy returns of the day! Glad to talk to you and see you! BTW Denver won too!