Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Midnight in Mongolia - Do you know where your daughter is?

We arrived in Mongolia around 1130pm local time. No problems with baggage and Ray immediately ran into a friend at the airport. Once our ride arrived, we had both a police and customs escort – which we thankfully did not need. Next stop, a storage warehouse. Yep. Midnight and we are off to a warehouse in Mongolia. The guard was sleeping when we arrived so we had to make a bit of a rucus before we could get into the compound. Inchee drove us around to the entrance of the large concrete building. Inside, it smelled like school. Middle school exactly – independence hall if you want me to be more precise, down by the science wing . . . excuse the Nether Providence middle school flashback.

The warehouse is quite an impressive scene. Stocked with surgical supplies of every variety. After a quick tour of the facility, we were off to the hotel, through the dark, quiet streets of Mongolia at sleep. 

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tinhorse said...

the guards often say, "the man with the key is gone" :-)