Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out on the Steppe

Our hostess in her ger. This woman trains horses and lives out on the steppe. 
The steppe
Daughter of the horse trainer
Allison and Oyuunbold's daughter (9m)
Saturday, our Mongolian hosts took us out to the countryside. On the Steppe, near the Kherlen river, we visited a traditional ger, “rode” horses, had a big Mongolian feast, played soccer (not me Dr. Parks, not me . . . ) and a little volleyball. It was a great day with the whole OR team outside under the “eternal blue sky” that is so sacred to the Mongolian people. 
Oyuunbold and his daughter
Un-hobbling the horse
Led around on a "wild" mongolian horse
Dr. Ray Price and Dr. Ganbat in the heat of battle
My one good shot

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