Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Friends, Old Songs

Note to self – when forced to karaoke, “Sweet Caroline” is a sure thing. . . . After a day in the countryside, we made a quick turn around to head out to karaoke. The American group was pretty tired, sunburned, and somewhat reluctant but encouraged by the unflappable enthusiasm of our Mongolian hosts, we rallied in record time.
            I don’t karaoke. Repeat, I don’t karaoke . . . unless I am in a foreign country. Mexico, Fiji, and now Mongolia are the only three places I have ever subjected people to the off-key screeching usually reserved for the privacy of my car. There were a few hits, many misses, and lots of entertaining moments. (The photographic evidence of me actually singing has been destroyed and won’t be posted here!!) Highlights included the choreographed moves of Allison and Gaby; the Mongolian I.T. guy singing his heart out in amazingly good English; and the Mongolian surgeons belting out ‘classic’ Mongolian hits. Good times . . . “So good! So good!”

Dr. Harold Rust

Gaby and Allison "Like a Virgin"

I.T. Guy
Dr. Ganbolor

They are singing in Mongolian, I am mugging for the camera.
Ganbolor, Gaby, Allison, Vincent

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Doe said...

I would have LOVED to be a fly on the wall for this activity!