Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anna Home Photo Project 2011

Christmas is for children everywhere. In this season of giving, I am seeking support for a wonderful and talented group of children. 

This September, I had a great adventure in Mongolia. While working in the hospital in Choibalsan, we had the opportunity to meet a group of children living in Anna Home. This small orphanage houses 25 children and has expanded to support teenagers as they make their way out of Anna Home, and into the great big world. 

The children at Anna Home were instantly enamored by our digital cameras. I let them run loose with a durable point and shoot I had brought along and when i got it back, I fell in love with their photos. They took AMAZING pictures, capturing their world with a unique view and innocent vision. 
Vincent Klein Breteler with the new camera!
When our team returned home, we sent money to a local volunteer, Vincent Klein Breteler, who was instrumental in buying a camera for the children and obtaining the pictures for this project. We have set up a cafepress shop ( to sell products displaying the children's photographs. All proceeds from the sales at the cafe press site, will go directly to Anna Home Take a look (especially at the calendar). Thank you for your support of these bright and hopeful children.

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