Friday, November 12, 2010


It has almost been a week since I returned from Belize. In a few days, the rest of the team will be back – after spending a week on the Belizean coast, diving, snorkeling, beachcombing . . . I hope they enjoyed the well-deserved vacation and come back excited about the possibility of doing this again sometime!

I owe some big “thank you’s” to team Belize. Bonnie Webber – Thank you for being patient, generous and supportive. Your contribution to our team was critical (no instruments, no surgery) Sorry you had to put up with my insomnia! Cynthia Kruger – Thanks for taking a leap with me. You did an amazing job! I hope you enjoyed the challenge – you certainly rose to it. Marilyn Vernon – Seriously, you can work in my OR any day! You were such a quick study. Thank you for your patience and hard work! Jane – Thanks for your laugh and your great work with our post-op challenges. You were sunshine! Anne Marie – Our hummingbird, or is that social butterfly? Thanks for getting to know each of our patients so well, and for always smiling. This was an amazing OR team that I would be proud to work with anywhere.

Back home I want to thank Shounta Candies for the support that got me on the plane with the tools I needed! You are the best! Saundra, Kristin, Steve; thanks again for letting me go do my thing. Team Choibalsan, thanks for reading my blog and cheering me on with each trip I take. Mom, Dad, Tuck – Thanks for always loving me, even when I wander.   Beau – thanks for being there when I get home and for loving me through my jetlag.

Next up – Haiti . . . 

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doe said...

Thank YOU for being all that you are.