Thursday, November 4, 2010

Patience and Grace

Today was a good day. If you were here, on the surgery team at La Loma Luz Hospital in St. Ignacio, Belize; you may disagree with that statement. Please let me be so bold as to explain.

We had scheduled five cases today – two quick, easy kids and three lap choles. After yesterday’s marathon, we were prepared for just about anything but wanted a bit of an easier day. But today, today was nothing like yesterday. Today we met a whole new set of unforeseen challenges. Today we were tested. Today was our proving ground. As a team, we weathered a halothane hang-over and a power outage with patience, faith and grace. I am proud to say that this team showed each other the utmost respect while taking care of our patients and facing these challenges. We were patient with the process and each other; had faith in each others expertise and knowledge; and were graceful enough to move through these trying times with level heads. I am proud to be a part of this team and proud to see that I can find inside of me the strength to endure and to help move a team through difficulty. I have never thought I had much patience or grace but today, I found what I had and put it to use. Today was a good day.

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doe said...

You have always had both!