Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sleepless in Belize

It is 815 in the morning and I am sitting in a hammock, downing some Vega, looking out over St. Ignacio as she wakes up. I tried to sleep on the porch last night but it got too cold. And then I tried to just sleep . . .

We finished up at the hospital yesterday. 20 cases in 4 days. Our O.R. team of 6 women got a bit slap happy at the end. We really have become a strong team but we were really ready to be done. After inventorying and packing up the last of our supplies, we made it out for a ‘belizean snow’ at the bar and dinner at the fancy St Ignacio Resort Hotel. And then back to the hotel – where I couldn’t sleep.

Today we are going canoeing through some caves and then down the street to check out some Mayan ruins. Looking forward to day of recreation, a night swim, and the trip back home. As I look out over this city, with the sun shining down, I hope that sunshine finds those who need it the most. Winding down from this adventure in Belize – maybe tonight, I will sleep. 

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doe said...

I need a new playground. . . .fly safe Babes.