Thursday, December 30, 2010

Room 614

Room 614: Suz, Melissa, Laura, Jason

On Christmas Eve, I ended up with two great taxi drivers. They were both “talkers” and both had some strong opinions. Tony in Denver, and David in Miami made me laugh, asked some real questions and made me smile and were my Taxi Santas. After arriving late Christmas in Fort Lauderdale, David drove me over to Miami airport and I checked into the airport hotel for a few hours of sleep before my 730am flight.

When I arrived at the Miami airport there were messages on my cell from other project medishare volunteers who were eating at subway and sleeping in Terminal E . . . I texted them from room 614, told them to come up, and we spent Christmas Eve night together. Melissa, Laura, Jason, and I all crashed out, met each other for the first time, shared stories, and were together when Christmas 2010 rolled around. At 430 am we checked in for our flight to Haiti and met even more of the team. So the adventure began, Christmas Eve, in room 614.

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doe said...

An amazingly perfect Christmas. . . .you be the BEST!