Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr. Seuss Had it Right

When I was a kid, Christmas was Huge! It was all trees, ornaments, carols, cozy fires, hot chocolate, party dresses, white lights, Christmas specials, cheerios for reindeer, early morning cinnamon rolls, red pajamas, presents, Santa, wrapping paper, bells, stockings, food, family and all, on over-drive. Christmas, when I was a kid, was what I wish Christmas could be for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Being “a grown-up” has changed the appearance of Christmas for me. I have spent more Christmases on call in the hospital and fewer holidays with my family. When I do get to see them this time of year, it is usually a quick and concentrated visit – no less special, just different. Christmas is subtle now, not so much on over-drive.

This year, Christmas means “a little bit more” than ever before. This year, I am taking Christmas on the road. Mom and I “skyped” present opening on Christmas Eve morning, and now, I am in a Miami airport hotel waiting to leave for Haiti. I will arrive on Christmas day for a week of work with a team I do not know, but for whom I already feel a great affection.

You see, in my heart, Christmas is exactly like it was when I was a kid. Christmas is warmth and love and generosity. It is hope, faith, laughter and joy. Christmas, no matter what it looks like, or where you spend it, is special for everyone, everywhere, all the time. We carry Christmas in our hearts.

Beau and I wish you a very Merry Christmas. We wish you love, warmth, joy, hope and laughter – just like when you were a kid.

Love Always, Suzy and Beau


doe said...

love always, mom

Sky Weekes said...

It's truly amazing what your doing! Wish you the best on your trip and safe travels! Darioush when you return!