Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Carter!!!

My favorite super hero Carter!!!

(Fair warning: this has nothing to do with my medical travel work but is a shameless plug for one of my favorite charities)

When Carter came into my life, exactly 4 years ago today, he was only a few hours old, tiny, beautiful, and born with the challenge of sacral agenesis. Unable to use his legs like most of us, and facing complex chronic medical and surgical challenges, Carter is a superhero of unbelievable courage. An active four year old, he loves the water and is taking swim lessons. After his first lesson, the coach suggested he join the swim team as he recognized the special strength and determination in this amazing child.

For the past two years, I have participated in the Challenged Athletes Foundation triathlon as the swimmer on the “Carter’s Angels” team. My contribution of one little mile in the La Jolla Cove left me plenty of time to enjoy the festivities at the event while my teammates conquered the 44-mile bike and 10-mile run. Each year, I am overcome by the inspiring athletes and the mission of this foundation. I have vowed to participate in this event every year that I am capable.

When it came time to register for the 2013 race, my teammates were unsure they could commit and my alternate recruiting efforts failed. I will be doing the whole race this year. (As a funny side note, I honestly thought this was an Olympic distance race … until I started training for a shorter distance and it was gently pointed out that this is most definitely longer than an Olympic distance.) So, I am learning to bike, and run and am thankful to my family of coaches who think I might be able to pull this off.

In addition to Carter and I pursuing our athletic endeavors, this year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Challenged Athletes Foundation San Diego Triathlon Challenge. What better year to donate to this amazing group! Check them out at: Their grants support equipment and training for challenged athletes. They will be offering assistance to those effected by the Boston marathon bombing and are determined to help anyone and everyone nurture their inner athlete. Please consider supporting this amazing foundation and this inspiring event.

I look forward to the day I get to swim the cove WITH Carter, but until then, I will carry him in my heart on October 20th. Happy 4th Birthday Carter! Happy 20th Birthday CAF! Thank you for your support! Love, Suzy

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