Sunday, September 15, 2013

Amarbayasgalant Khiid: Part I

According to Lonely Planet, there are three top Buddhist institutions in Mongolia. Now, I have visited all three. After our first week of work, the team rented a van, forded two brooks and headed off to visit this special monastery in an isolated valley. The day was absolutely gorgeous. The photos tell some of the story of our day – a dusty drive, a prosperous valley full of grazing animals, the temple at the end of the box canyon, the hilltop Buddha and the hilltop stupa … the captions sort it all out.

"Part II" includes some thoughts on my time in the main temple, listening to the young lamas chanting. We were informed after we had taken a few, that photos of the lamas was not allowed. Excuse my manner as I have posted some of the forbidden photos. They were beautiful children and I can’t resist sharing.

On the road to Amarbayasgalant

Our driver
Herding sheep


My company heading toward the Buddha

View to the stupa from the Buddha

Buddhas and flags around the stupa


Lunch guest

JQ asked the monks to say a prayer for me:-)
View from stupa

Holding hands with Buddha

He carried her all the way up the stairs, on his back. That is Love.

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