Sunday, February 12, 2012


(this entry is from last year ... but seeing as it is almost Valentine's day, the sentiment seemed appropriate <3 Suzy)

Last night we all sat around the café in our hotel sharing a piece of chocolate cake, catching up with Oko (our translator from last years trip). Allison and I started asking her about dating in UB, wondering why this smart, attractive, well-travelled young woman was single. As the conversation expanded, we started hearing the stories of how each of the members of our team had met their wives/husbands and how the rollercoaster of their courtships evolved. Charming stories, familiar patterns, life.

When the talk turned to me I offered the only perspective that I could – I still haven’t found what I am looking for … Smart questions by smart people inspired the honesty of my true heart – what is the deal breaker? Well for me, there is really only one deal breaker …. It is not a physical characteristic, a job title, or a religion; it is not a bank account, a diploma, or a car … the deal breaker for me is passion.

I have met many people through my wanderings and the ones who inspire me, make me feel like a kid, encourage me to be better and learn more – those people have a passion – for something. Be it art, travel, a chosen profession, a volunteer project, an exploration … show me that you care deeply about SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

I am passionate about living, stealing all that I can from this experience and taking all the chances and opportunities that are offered. I am passionate about being a good doctor but an even better friend. I am passionate about trying, everyday, to learn something, try something new. I am passionate about feeling it all, experiencing it all and about finding someone who wants the same ride.

I love my life. There are challenges, and twists and turns, there is a lot of laughter and a healthy dose of tears, but I love it all.

Someday, maybe I will sit in a café in Mongolia, or Africa, or South America, or California and tell a cute story about how I met the love of my life, how we danced around it for awhile and how finally, our passions made us a team. I hope for that, and I keep on loving this life and those who challenge me to live it to its fullest.


Jason Evans said...

I love this post... I have tried explaining this to people, but I do not have your eloquence...

Thanks for sharing!

S. Spain said...

I should not have read this at work. Now weepy. You wrote this months ago, but wow, it packs a punch and means everything.