Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Scott, Alli, and two post-op appy patients

Thursday I got to operate on a 13 year old boy with an inguinal hernia. The orthopedic hand surgeon assisted, and like all the other pediatric cases I have done here, the patient had a spinal anesthetic. So strange to be able to smile at your patient over the curtain as you are dissecting the hernia sac off of his spermatic cord … I’m just saying. 

The first night we were in Arvaikeer I assisted an open appendectomy on a five year old. Again under spinal, this child did not cry or squirm or protest as we worked. These children DO NOT get sedatives … just a spinal anesthetic. Can you imagine an American five year old holding still without some sedation?? These children are stoic.

I don’t get to do a lot of pediatric surgery on these trips, but when I do, I tend to marvel at the universal grace of my patients. The pediatric post-ops were all boarded in the same room directly across from the operating suite. We spent down time playing with them in the hallways and taking goofy pictures. They recharged us, made us laugh and helped us through our slow days.

I’ve said it before, and I will repeat if forever – kids are kids, wherever you travel – and they are magical, and beautiful, and joy – pure joy. 

5 year old appy patient - post-op

Ortho surgeon and hernia patient - pre-op

Scott and Jaja

I love what I do!!

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