Monday, February 21, 2011

First Day 1/1/11

All packed up and ready to go, there is a new team arriving - full of energy - and we are drained. (see photo below) Stefanie is running around making us all smile and the sun is shining. It feels like we have been here longer than one week. It seems we have known each other for longer than 7 days. It is hard to imagine not waking up to the roosters, making coffee in the pharmacy, anticipating meal delivery at 10 and 2, and escaping to the roof to breath. It is hard to imagine going back to “normal life.” We are shifting gears.
After countless group photos, we pile into the vans for the airport. We drink our way through the three hour wait . . . not much else to do at this point. 
It is a quick flight and we meet at baggage claim in Miami. Saying goodbye on the other side of customs, it is but an instant, and we have all scattered in our separate directions, to our separate lives. It is a lonely night in my big hotel room. It seems too quiet.

I miss my Haiti family.

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